A mindset of safety: Taking personal responsibility

Every employee has the same expectation: To go home safely every day.
Many employees, however, have differing perspectives about how that will be accomplished. Many see safety as an
add-on, with a focus on punishing those who fail to follow their company’s safety rules. Others see it as a waste of
time: After years of working at the same job, they are confident in their ability to do their job the right way, and they
are resistant to outside opinions and advice. These differences are based on employees’ worldview, a combination of
their experiences and philosophy of life.

Employers need to help employees see safety in a different way. Instead of seeing safety as an add-on or an
enforcement-driven program, try to create a mindset of employees respecting themselves and others.

In a nutshell: personal responsibility.

All employees have goals and dreams for their lives that require a healthy and functioning body. All employees want
to work for a company that is thriving. Achieving these goals can only be accomplished in a safe workplace, and
that takes a team effort. It means:

• Looking out for each other
• Operating within the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules and guidelines
• Identifying behaviors that keep employees safe

Safety isn’t about rules. It’s about keeping people healthy. It’s about helping the company succeed. And it’s about
taking personal responsibility for our actions.

When everyone takes responsibility for complying with safety regulations, the need for enforcement disappears.

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