Family darting and running fast to connect with DSD Insurance

Here’s Some Good News . . . You Can Use –– Text Us!

We’re making our communications FASTER and EASIER for you. Our new, DIRECT TEXT number is (938) 839-5245.

Please feel free to reach out at any time!

To text DSD . . . USE THIS NUMBER: (938) 839-5245

In fact, let’s do it one better. Do this . . .

1. OPEN your phone’s “Contacts
2. SEARCH For “DSD Insurance”
3. ENTER and/or UPDATE DSD Insurance in your “Contacts” as follows:

  • DSD Insurance
  • TEL: 866-621-1770
  • TEXT: 938-839-5245

4. TAG us with “BUSINESS INSURANCE” in your phone’s contacts.

Notify Us Of Changes To Prevent An Uninsured Loss

Any changes that could affect your insurance policy or coverage should be discussed with your agent. Examples of changes that you should report immediately to us to ensure your coverage is both adequate and accurate include:

  • Mailing address change? text us at: 938-839-5245
  • Got a new email or phone number? text us at: 938-839-5245
  • Adding additional locations? text us at: 938-839-5245
  • Filing a Claim or having trouble with a claim? text us at: 938-839-5245
  • Expanding your operations or territories? text us at: 938-839-5245
  • Changes in operations , products or services you offer? text us at: 938-839-5245
  • FEIN change? text us at: 938-839-5245
  • Legal change in entity (Sole Proprietor to Inc., LLC, PC etc.)? text us at: 938-839-5245
  • Adding or removing a vehicle from service? text us at: 938-839-5245
  • Adding or removing a New Driver? text us at: 938-839-5245
  • Adding New equipment or other business property? text us at: 938-839-5245

We’ll get right back to you and make sure you’re ALL SET! Why? ANY change you make, no matter how small can cause you to lose valuable coverage you do NOT want to lose. Or, you to pay a higher premium for your coverage than is necessary for the kind and quality of coverage you want.

Any questions about keeping your coverage adequate and competitively priced? text us at: 938-839-5245.