Employees at company being treated

Treating Your Employees as Non-Employees Can Be Expensive!

If you are audited by the IRS, you could be liable for Social Security and Medicare taxes and withheld income tax if you do not deduct and withhold them because you treat an employee as a nonemployee. This would include yourself if you are a corporate officer.

You may also be liable for a trust fund recovery penalty. Here, “ Take 2 aspirin” — you may be heading for a BIG HEADACHE if you do this and the IRS finds you. And they do!

Reasonable Compensation

Because an officer of a corporation is generally an employee with wages subject to withholding taxes, as a corporate officer you may wonder what is considered “reasonable” compensation for the efforts you are contributing to the operation of your trade or business. Wages paid to you as an officer of a corporation should generally be commensurate with your duties.

The IRS defines “reasonable compensation” as the amount of money that would ordinarily be paid for like services by like organizations in like circumstances. It considers both the reasonableness of the total amount paid and the nature of the services being rendered.

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